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At Voyager Talent, we have decades of full-cycle talent program experience fulfilling the growth and development needs of entities from early-stage startups to AWS scale. Our firm is capable of assessing how far you have traveled in your unique talent acquisition and management journey, and our experience helps determine how far you have yet to go.

Every path that results in the optimization and evolution of your business achieves success. Our customized approach brings forth unique insights and recommendations that account for your position in the market, your culture, and your essential goals to develop your ideal talent recruitment program.

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Our guiding principles.

Our anchor points.

Strengthen your hiring process.

Every action you take - every step in your process - should have one goal: sustainable success. Developing a clear and concise understanding of your programmatic opportunities through discovery provides the fuel for efficient and impactful augmentation that will result in data-enabled decision making and, ultimately, sustainable talent infrastructure.

Consultation to scale

When venturing into undiscovered areas of business—during periods of growth and hiring to scale—mistakes often result due to a lack of applicable experience. Voyager Talent provides an established map to recruitment efficiency at every level of business because we’ve been there too. We know elements crucial to building a competitive company and where the innate pitfalls lie.

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Start Ups

  • Interim Head of Talent Acquisition 
  • Future-proof your hiring strategy 
  • Implement and configure essential hiring systems
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  • Launch key talent initiatives (D&I, pay transparency) 
  • Holistic talent program assessment 
  • Next growth phase -> new tooling, systems, and strategies
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  • Create a cohesive hiring plan for portfolio companies
  • Leverage Recruiting on Demand for hands-on program ideation and implementation
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  • Discover new revenue streams 
  • Specialized team training & development

Optimizing your infrastructure

When encountering new environments, evolution is necessary. We have to build agile and adaptive processes and structures that can not only deliver sustainable growth but also prepare us for tomorrow’s future. Voyager helps you examine your strengths, your weaknesses, and your unknown, constructing a resilient and efficient platform that will effectively find, assess, secure, and retain your dream team.

Join us on a journey to sustainable hiring ecosystems.